Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Should kids have a TV in their bedroom?

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I'm confident kids are not allowed a TV in their bedroom.

Kids should not be allowed a TV in their room because they might miss a day of school

First of all, you might stay up long at night watching or playing on the TV and you will get tired and sleep in and possibly miss school.

Next you might get light headed. 
Because you have been staring at the TV for too long. Then you won't feel well.

Finally you might have an argument about what game to play.
You and your friend will have an argument and your friendship possibly break and you won't be friends.

In conclusion I strongly believe that kids should not have a TV in their bedroom. 


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  2. Hi Te Kawana! I see you have a strong opinion about TV in the bedroom. I wonder what possible arguments there are for having a TV in your bedroom. How could you benefit from this?