Wednesday, 30 August 2017

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WALT: write an imaginary story with a nursery rhyme starter.  

UFO identified as cow "What is that" I whispered to myself. I silently crept down the stairs so my parents can't hear. I went outside then ran to the shape of a UFO. It started to come down I was getting worried. It kept coming then it landed. I was relieved. It was a cow!. I was impressed, a cow can jump that high it went so high it went over the moon. So I went  back home and went to sleep. When i woke up I went outside and everything was back to normal.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Is it OK to climb trees?

Is it ok to climb trees?

WALT: write our opinion about [is it it OK to climb trees?]

I advise people to not climb trees.

First of all you will fall and get hurt.
You might be climbing a tree and the branch can’t hold you because of your weight and you will come tumbling down and next thing you know you will get hurt.

Second of all you will disturb the animals habitats.

You might make lots of noise with your friends and it will disturb the animals such as birds, bees, spiders and others.

Last of all you will ruin the surroundings and nature.
You might ruin the branches and the leaves as you climb because it will be shaking and the leaves fall off because of you and you will be reaching to hold on.

And that's why I advise people not to climb trees.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Should kids have a TV in their bedroom?

WALT:write our opinion

I'm confident kids are not allowed a TV in their bedroom.

Kids should not be allowed a TV in their room because they might miss a day of school

First of all, you might stay up long at night watching or playing on the TV and you will get tired and sleep in and possibly miss school.

Next you might get light headed. 
Because you have been staring at the TV for too long. Then you won't feel well.

Finally you might have an argument about what game to play.
You and your friend will have an argument and your friendship possibly break and you won't be friends.

In conclusion I strongly believe that kids should not have a TV in their bedroom.