Tuesday, 26 December 2017


New Zealand National Anthem.

Because it is sung in our Maori language  and then translated into english. The song is about love for god and one another and our Free land.

Family & Friends.

My family is special because we are maori, from New Zealand and very close to one another.

Papa Davey. enjoys fishing and diving for delicious food in summer

Best Friend. (Moko) enjoys swimming and playing video games with me.

Nanny. enjoys playing bingo and likes to catch up with her friends with a cup of coffee

Me. (Tekawana) I enjoy playing outside with the basketball and playing summer sports.


Ko Puhanga te Maunga
Ko Taheke te Awa
Ko Ngatokimatawhaurua te Waka
Ko Rahiri te tupuna
Ko Ngapuhi te iwi
Ko Ngatipakau te Hapu
Ko Tahekeroa te Marae
Ko Rahera raua ko Rewi oku Matua

Ko Tekawana toku Ingoa

Thursday, 21 December 2017

If I was in a small and big family

Advantages of a large family:
Having a lot of siblings is a good thing as you will always have someone to play and share with. As we grow and move around the world imagine all the holiday places we can go to.

Disadvantages of a large family:
If you are the eldest of a large family your job would be to help look after the younger ones, help prepare the meals, bath and put them to bed.

Advantages of a small family:
I will have the attention of my parents and grandparents as i am an only child. I don’t need to share my things, clothes or food with anyone.

Disadvantages of a small family:

No one to play with, sharing would be a problem, no fun going out by myself.

My favourite meal

My favourite meal is fresh fish and chips because it is filling and delightful.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

I would like to be a teacher that techies math because i'm good at math.

Waka ama

I have watched the video.

I would like to compete in the waka ama race because I am a competitive person and I would like to meet new people and have fun with them.

Why not.
I wouldn’t like to join the waka ama race because my arms will be sore on the next day and training will be long an hard.