Tuesday, 26 December 2017


New Zealand National Anthem.

Because it is sung in our Maori language  and then translated into english. The song is about love for god and one another and our Free land.

Family & Friends.

My family is special because we are maori, from New Zealand and very close to one another.

Papa Davey. enjoys fishing and diving for delicious food in summer

Best Friend. (Moko) enjoys swimming and playing video games with me.

Nanny. enjoys playing bingo and likes to catch up with her friends with a cup of coffee

Me. (Tekawana) I enjoy playing outside with the basketball and playing summer sports.


Ko Puhanga te Maunga
Ko Taheke te Awa
Ko Ngatokimatawhaurua te Waka
Ko Rahiri te tupuna
Ko Ngapuhi te iwi
Ko Ngatipakau te Hapu
Ko Tahekeroa te Marae
Ko Rahera raua ko Rewi oku Matua

Ko Tekawana toku Ingoa

Thursday, 21 December 2017

If I was in a small and big family

Advantages of a large family:
Having a lot of siblings is a good thing as you will always have someone to play and share with. As we grow and move around the world imagine all the holiday places we can go to.

Disadvantages of a large family:
If you are the eldest of a large family your job would be to help look after the younger ones, help prepare the meals, bath and put them to bed.

Advantages of a small family:
I will have the attention of my parents and grandparents as i am an only child. I don’t need to share my things, clothes or food with anyone.

Disadvantages of a small family:

No one to play with, sharing would be a problem, no fun going out by myself.

My favourite meal

My favourite meal is fresh fish and chips because it is filling and delightful.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

I would like to be a teacher that techies math because i'm good at math.

Waka ama

I have watched the video.

I would like to compete in the waka ama race because I am a competitive person and I would like to meet new people and have fun with them.

Why not.
I wouldn’t like to join the waka ama race because my arms will be sore on the next day and training will be long an hard.

(Iand of the long white cloud)

Dear Moko,
I am leaving  today with my family on a waka . We have packed all our belongings in our waka and ready to leave. I am very excited as this is a new adventure for  me and my sisters, but in saying that i am also afraid as i do not know what is waiting for us at the end of our journey. I am gonna miss you my friend but my nanna said we are gonna be happy in our new land given to us by our tupuna, the sea is getting rough, time for me to sign off until next time I write .
Your friend

Te Kawana

Monday, 18 December 2017

For the summer learning journey I have to write 3 facts about Maui and the giant fish

Maui and the giant fish.

  • Maui had weaved a fishing line out of flax and did an old karakia to give his line strength.

  • Maui’s ancestor Murirangawhenua had given him a jawbone to use as a hook.

  • Maui had punched himself hard on the nose to make it bleed using his blood for bait to catch a fish.

  • Murirangawhenua had gifted his people a giant fish to live on.

  • Maui’s giant fish was known as the north island of aotearoa and Maui’s waka is known as the south island.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

square numbers

The hardest thing of this work was figuring the questions.

The easiest thing of this work is colouring in the boxes

What I might do next time is work together with my buddy Marley.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

summer learning journey

Today we did a practice activity for the Summer Learning Journey.
First we read the story Maui and the Giant Fish.
Then we wrote 3 facts we learned from the story.
Here are my facts:

  • Maui’s ancestor  Murirangawhenua had given him a jawbone maui used the jawbone as the fishing hook.

  • Maui hid in the bottom of the boat to go fishing with his brothers.

  • The fish Maui pulled up from the sea is known as the North Island and Maui's waka is known as the South Island.

The thing that I found challenging was knowing what to do because I just came back from doing messages.

The thing I will do differently is ask people for help.  

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Taku whānau
Kia ora. Ko Te Kawana au.

Ko Wana taku koro. Ko Bernadine taku kuia. Ko Racheal taku māmā. Ko Hinerangi taku tuahine. Ko Alyssa taku tuahine. Ko Tanekaha aku teina.
WALT specify who someone is and what their relationship is to you.
What I found challenging was what we did about the papas and nanas on the other side of the family.
What I found easy was doing my mums side.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Candy floss

WALT: we had to make our own diamante poem based on a different poem. The most difficult part about this was about finding the picture for the background. The easiest thing about this is all of the describing words.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Headline news

WALT: write an imaginary story with a nursery rhyme starter.  

UFO identified as cow "What is that" I whispered to myself. I silently crept down the stairs so my parents can't hear. I went outside then ran to the shape of a UFO. It started to come down I was getting worried. It kept coming then it landed. I was relieved. It was a cow!. I was impressed, a cow can jump that high it went so high it went over the moon. So I went  back home and went to sleep. When i woke up I went outside and everything was back to normal.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Is it OK to climb trees?

Is it ok to climb trees?

WALT: write our opinion about [is it it OK to climb trees?]

I advise people to not climb trees.

First of all you will fall and get hurt.
You might be climbing a tree and the branch can’t hold you because of your weight and you will come tumbling down and next thing you know you will get hurt.

Second of all you will disturb the animals habitats.

You might make lots of noise with your friends and it will disturb the animals such as birds, bees, spiders and others.

Last of all you will ruin the surroundings and nature.
You might ruin the branches and the leaves as you climb because it will be shaking and the leaves fall off because of you and you will be reaching to hold on.

And that's why I advise people not to climb trees.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Should kids have a TV in their bedroom?

WALT:write our opinion

I'm confident kids are not allowed a TV in their bedroom.

Kids should not be allowed a TV in their room because they might miss a day of school

First of all, you might stay up long at night watching or playing on the TV and you will get tired and sleep in and possibly miss school.

Next you might get light headed. 
Because you have been staring at the TV for too long. Then you won't feel well.

Finally you might have an argument about what game to play.
You and your friend will have an argument and your friendship possibly break and you won't be friends.

In conclusion I strongly believe that kids should not have a TV in their bedroom. 

Wednesday, 26 July 2017


On the Holidays at my other Nan's house with my wonderful Cousins there too.

Firstly my Nan, my two sisters and me, went to  drop me off at my  Nans place so she can have a cuppa and a little talk because we haven't seen them in a long time.My Cousins and I went into their bedroom, started playing the Xbox one black ops 3. 
Then we went online and we were nearly prestige 3 but his brother got there before him. When he went to his mums Te Rerenga and I played the game nonstop to get past him we nearly did but my Nan came in sadly my Greatnana died so my holiday got cut short and my uncle, aunt and cousins came for a week.
Finally we got to the Marae we had to stay at my aunts house. One of my sisters had to go home early to Waima.

I didn't like my holidays because my Greatnana died.

Friday, 7 July 2017

We are learning to summarise the main idea in each paragraph of a text.

Reading Response Journal: Wero. SJ Aug,2013. L3.

Kauri is the leader of the kapa haka group. They are about to perform on stage for the end-of-year show. 
This is one of my favourite parts of the story.
Kauri lifts his taiaha, we all get into position, the crowd goes wild with excitement as we walk across the stage., i am sweating and breathing hard. I must keep up, Girls pukana faces, swaying their pui pui's, when we walk off the stage.

Monday, 3 July 2017

My Word Bank
WALT find better synonyms to make our writing more interesting

  • Make a copy in your writing folder.
  • Rename it.

Verb from the poem
Synonym for that verb
Silently walking
The spider is silently walking in the bath.
I am afraid of that spider.
That spider is massive.
The spider is furry.
That spider is horrifying.
The spider is very dark.

Friday, 30 June 2017

maths fractions

WALT:write fraction equations.

I learn't how to make fraction equations.
My digital learning object shows what I understand about fractions.
I didn't understand how to split the circles and the squares. 
spent some time figuring how to split the numbers.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

My Word Bank
WALT find better synonyms to make our writing more interesting

  • Make a copy in your writing folder.
  • Rename it.

Word from the poem
I was glad that you are here.
The ancient scroll.
I am depressed that my uncle died.
It is dreary outside.
It is cloudy outside.
Gym people are muscular
This place is extraordinary.
I am inactive today.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

WALT:write observations using adjectives

We made observations using the Science trolley. 
We used the visualiser to zoom in on bugs and rocks to get a detailed picture.
Here are my observations.

•The dead moth has huge wings.
And a fury body and long body.
•On its wings it looked like it had eyes on its wings but it doesn't.
•The colour of the moth is grey.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

WALT:write our observations

Today Mrs Wallace brought in some volcanic and beach rocks from whangnui and we looked at them so we can make observations in class.

First we sat in a circle discussing which one was from the beach and from the volcano. There was three from the volcano and six from the beach.
Next we talked about which one was heavy and light and the white one was the lightest one and it smelt like bubble gum.
Last we categorised them into beach and volcano.The volcanic rocks were basalt and some of the beach rocks had fossils.
It was fun because i haven't seen a very dark rock.

Monday, 15 May 2017

express an idea or opinion,supported with evidents


I think we shouldn't have smart phones in class
smart phones are distracting in class
when listening to music with headphones.
you can't hear the teacher.
smart phones can be broken.
when you drop your phone on the concret and there really expensive.
smart phones can cause fights
by people saying its theirs but its not theirs.
and that's why i don't think you can have smart phones at school.

Friday, 5 May 2017

WALT create a rewindable learning resource to help us pronounce words in te reo

Make a copy: go to file, click on make a copy.

Rename it: put your name in the title.

Put it in your te reo folder.

Use audioboom to record yourself saying the maori word for each picture.