Wednesday, 26 July 2017


On the Holidays at my other Nan's house with my wonderful Cousins there too.

Firstly my Nan, my two sisters and me, went to  drop me off at my  Nans place so she can have a cuppa and a little talk because we haven't seen them in a long time.My Cousins and I went into their bedroom, started playing the Xbox one black ops 3. 
Then we went online and we were nearly prestige 3 but his brother got there before him. When he went to his mums Te Rerenga and I played the game nonstop to get past him we nearly did but my Nan came in sadly my Greatnana died so my holiday got cut short and my uncle, aunt and cousins came for a week.
Finally we got to the Marae we had to stay at my aunts house. One of my sisters had to go home early to Waima.

I didn't like my holidays because my Greatnana died.

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